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Today, we had a brief visit with my family from home. My mom and my aunt drove to pick up my grandparents and then kept driving until they got to our city. I was at work most of the day but I met them at BJ’s for dinner.

I offered to take my grandpa home and let everyone else drive together. He just talked the whole way. And I was just wishing I had been smart enough to record him.

He told me about how he creeped out my Granny the first time he asked her out and she (I suppose, not surprisingly) refused. He had bleached out his hair so that it was ginger..? and was covered in freckles and she had no idea who this boy was that was asking her out.

On another day, she was learning to drive and had on her right blinker. My grandpa who was unknowingly driving behind her, went to pass her on the left, but that car in front of him decided to make a left hand turn even with the right blinker flashing. He had to slam on his breaks to avoid an accident. He said that he doesn’t remember why or how he even really found out that Marilyn Holman had been the driver of that car. But I guess when he was telling his friends the story, they said “Yeah, that’s Marilyn Holman.” By the way, my grandma has always been Sue (her middle name) Maxwell (and of course, my grandpa’s last name) So this Marilyn Holman is just this super classy girl in the 30’s. Btw, my grandma was drop dead gorgeous in her teens. That super classy early 1900’s beautiful. I wish I was that pretty. No wonder my grandpa didn’t stop trying… Lol.

Anyways, later on in this chronological order of events, he was driving to school and saw her walking there. He didn’t know if she had missed the bus or what, but he offered her a ride. He said that he wasn’t trying anything, just that he offered her a ride. It was just one of the things that happened before he dated her. He says that the car ride is kind of irrelevant, but that they started dating some time shortly after.

He also talked about how he didn’t like my grandmother’s stepdad who was a nice enough fellow, but loved her real dad even though he married five different women and lived with seven others (as he said, “You know, he was really an old horn-dog.”) but he adored the guy.

Just hearing my grandpa talk about all of this was so mesmerizing and I wish I could’ve recorded it so that I’d have it forever.

Life is so short and beautiful at the same time.


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